O’Neil D.

I did not know the extent of my child’s special needs until he went to kindergarten, and almost immediately, they wanted to put him in special education. It seems he needed both speech therapy for a profound speech disfluency, and to my surprise, occupational therapy because he did not know how to do things, like hold a pencil, or use scissors properly. He started to receive services at school, but they were often cut short, and at best 20 minutes long.

Our family decided that our child could best benefit from additional therapy outside of school. It’s one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. First of all, he loves his therapists, his therapy, and the changes they’ve made in his life.

His handwriting, which was non-existent, is very good, and I dare say, better than some I’ve seen displayed on the wall at his school, from older children. He’s learning through therapy, to coordinate his body’s abilities. His confidence in himself is greatly improved.

His speech disfluency is what I was most worried about, as he started school and his stuttering was so profound. I felt I could no longer protect him from being picked on. He has learned many techniques to monitor his speech, and self correct his speech. He is doing so well, that he seems oblivious to others noticing his speech.

My child started his life with many deficiencies, that I did not know how to overcome, and was not aware there was help for. His work with his therapists at Pediatric Therapies, has had a tremendous effect on his future.

R. C.