Pediatric Therapies has been amazing these past few months.

I noticed my son was having problems communicating, and would get very frustrated. It broke my heart. So I looked into Pediatric Therapies. They really do care about the children. He started attending in late July. He still has a long way to go, but in this short amount of time he has improved so much. At this point he knew basic signs, as he was trying to vocalize. (Which was a lot of screaming.)

Levi uses Sign Language as his first communication response, and English second. Fast forward. He can now sign/say 3-4 word sentences. Levi always looks forward to seeing Ms. Katee. Its all about Ms. Katee. We are so blessed to have this opportunity, and watch him excel. It definitely takes teamwork.

Ms. Katee is AMAZING! She has always been his number one fan and has gone above and beyond.