We came to PT in December with huge questions about our sweet boy’s behavior and struggles. Through the education we received from PT and the hands on work with Paige, our little guy now makes sense to us! His sensory needs are now a huge priority in our home, we understand how to help him (most of the time ;)), and can empower others in his life to help him effectively instead of exacerbate the problems. We feel so much more empowered and able to help our little man with his sensory processing needs, and give him success beyond the bubble of our home. He is thriving with a few friends, can express his needs to us, and does great at church and pre-k. He loved his time with Paige, and misses her now that we don’t need the same level of assistance! Our family calls Pediatric Therapies “the fun place,” and we are grateful for the incredible staff and warm approach to the kids and worn down parents! Thank you PT!