10 Playful, Physical Outdoor Activities for Kids

Getting outside and playing is a critical part of development for children. We all need physical activity, but for children, it is especially important for physical and mental development. Here are some tips on fun activities you can do with your children to encourage physical and mental development:

  1. Play a backyard game
    These are the classic outdoor activities you remember from your childhood, from hide-and-seek to freeze tag to Red Rover. Teach your kids how to play, and see if they can invent their own versions and variations too.
  1. Get wet
    Sprinklers, hoses, splash parks, the local pool—all are perfect for helping kids cool off and play actively at the same time (make sure you review swimming pool safety guidelines regularly).
  1. Strap on some skates
    Adding wheels to outdoor activities almost always makes them more appealing. Outfit kids with quad or inline roller skates, helmets, and pads and they’ll be off to the races (you might want to jog alongside for your own workout).
  1. Ride a bike
    Kids’ feet can take them farther when they’re pushing pedals. Besides being an easy mode of transportation, bicycling makes for a fun whole-family outdoor activity. Explore quiet streets in your neighborhood or use Pedaling.com’s searchable list to find a family-friendly bike trail.
  1. Play catch
    It’s one of the simplest of outdoor activities: a game of catch. But with dozens of options for projectiles, from footballs to Frisbees to boomerangs and the Djubi, playing catch is anything but boring.
  1. Make your own toys
    Getting there is half the fun when you send your kids scavenging for the materials to make these do-it-yourself fitness toys. Then take them outside for even more action.
  1. Throw a party
    Whether you have a special occasion to celebrate or just make one up (Happy Tuesday!), party games are a hit with groups of kids. All of these can be played outside and adapted for children of different ages and abilities.
  1. Plant a garden
    Outdoor activities for kids don’t always have to be just fun and games. Try putting them to work in the garden. They can rake, dig, weed, or water (always a hit). If you don’t have a yard of your own, stroll a farmer’s market or visit a you-pick-it farm.
  1. Play lawn games
    Depending on your child’s age, you can try junior or adult versions of traditional games like croquet, horseshoes, or bocce; or check out a contemporary favorite, Blongo Ball.
  1. Bounce and swing
    Playgrounds and backyard swing sets make excellent outdoor activities for kids because they’re open-ended. Kids create their own games and pretend.

Turn off the TV or ipad and send your children outside for some fun! At Pediatric Therapies, our purpose is to help your child develop to their maximum potential in speech, physical and mental abilities. We can teach you and your child creative ways to adapt to any learning or physical disability so life can be enjoyed and bring your family together. Call us today for more information on how we can help you.