Mason W.

The first time I brought Mason to Pediatric Therapies was just after his first birthday. He wasn’t crawling, wasn’t able to tolerate touching different textures such as solid foods, and was living on milk and ten baby food pouches per day. We needed help! Fast forward a year and a half later and it’s hard to put his progress into words! He has since graduated OT and feeding therapy; he will eat ANYTHING..even vegetables! He’s still working hard in PT and his speech therapy is progressing by leaps and bounds! We can’t thank the staff and his therapists at Pediatric Therapies enough for everything they’ve done for Mason, and for treating him as one of their own! They have been there for our family through the most challenging times. A special thank you to Colleen, Carol, and Savannah!!

Teletherapy has been crucial to keeping Mason on his learning game! He has been working hard with PT and speech therapy three times per week during quarantine. Carol and Colleen have been amazing at going with the flow and keeping Mason engaged and focused during this tough transition! We can’t wait to be back in the office! – D.L.