Our Facility

Our well equipped pediatric facility incorporates the latest, most motivating and therapeutic equipment to keep children engaged and progressing towards their goals. Our unique pediatric therapy space meets the individual needs of each child and provides a safe and supportive environment where they can experience the greatest success. Below are just a couple examples of the many treatment environments we offer that promote the best therapeutic results.

Fun Forest Gym

In addition to many individual private therapy rooms, our largest gym, the Fun Forest Gym, boasts 1000 sq. ft. of therapy space for fun and therapeutic play. It is home to a large castle with a net drawbridge for climbing and space underneath for hiding, a rock wall where many forest creatures hide and a draw bridge scooterboard ramp. The ball pit and jumper island are favorites, not only with the children, but also our therapists! Thanks to our abundant suspension system, we have many options for suspended equipment which provide unlimited movement opportunities from our most timid movers to our most fearless daredevils!

Jungle Gym

Our Jungle Gym includes a treehouse surrounded by jungle creatures, a babbling brook scooterboard ramp, and another extensive suspension system allowing for creative, motivating and therapeutic movement options. So how do you get out of the treehouse? Well, you zip through the jungle on the zipline, of course!

Individual Therapy Spaces

Our large therapy areas are invaluable play spaces for our children as they promote movement, play and social interactions. However, sometimes a smaller, more exclusive space is needed. Our clinic boasts 8 different therapy rooms set aside exclusively for individual therapy sessions and consultations with families. Whether in the Flamingo Room, the Kangaroo Room, The Zebra Room or the Monkey Room, therapy is fun and interactive throughout the building.

Observation Areas

While we certainly welcome and encourage parents/caregivers to be present and involved in their child’s therapy sessions, occasionally observation from afar is a better option. Should that be the case, we have several observation areas available where you can watch sessions and learn from your child’s therapist with (or without) your child realizing you are present.