Pediatric Therapies offers various group opportunities throughout the year in a fun, interactive environment, where each individual child’s needs are still served.  Playing and learning with other children in a supportive and fun environment can strengthen needed social skills, group play and stretch them to try new things that are being modeled by their peers.

We carefully screen each child when building our groups to be certain group members are compatible and to better understand each family’s goals.  It is important to us that each child enrolled realizes success from their group experience, and our screening process helps to ensure that.

All of our groups are individually designed from multiple curricula and carefully modified to meet the needs of each particular group based on our screening results.  Because we strive to meet the needs of each participant, we sometimes build a custom group around the specific needs of one or more children.  If you have a particular need for your child which you believe would be best met in a group setting, please talk to us.  It is likely your child is not alone and that there are other children who would benefit from a similar group, which we can uniquely design.

A key component of our groups includes parent observation.  So that you know how to follow through at home and elsewhere, we strongly encourage our families to observe each group session.  Additionally, a lead therapist from your child’s group will meet with all parents following each session to review key elements of that session, discuss how you can reinforce concepts at home, and provide you with take home materials to use throughout the week.