James has been working with Megan since he was about 16 months old. James was having such a hard time communicating before he began working with Megan. He had a few vowel sounds but no consonants and did not babble or try to say words. He would grunt and cry to communicate and was getting very frustrated that he could not be understood. From the very first session with Megan we saw strides in James’ communication. He started trying to imitate us and began following commands.

Through Megan’s steady encouragement James began saying words, understanding what we were saying to him, and began being able to participate more in home life and play with peers because of the skills he developed in speech therapy. Now at almost two and a half James is chatty. He has lots to tell us and understands what we are saying to him. We are so thankful for the way Megan has loved and taught our son and the progress he has made with her as his speech therapist.