My 6 year old daughter has struggled with some degree of sensory processing challenges that started as a toddler, but not identified until recently. Her main challenge was understanding what types of clothes “bother” her and articulating her needs without spiraling into an uncontrollable meltdown. These meltdowns were at minimum a daily battle. I visited Daystar Counseling looking for some direction and to my surprise they pointed me to OT. Pediatric Therapies top of their list of recommendations.

Within the first session Paige was able to help her with self-awareness when she starts to feel frustrated and taught her techniques and tools to calm herself before her frustration escalates. Within the first few sessions we could already see her applying the “tools” Paige taught her to have better control over her reactions.

Thank you Paige and Pediatric Therapies for developing and delivering on a plan to arm my daughter with a toolbox to take with her through her daily battle with sensory challenges!