Preventing play and sports injuries in children

Kid playing soccer

Sports and play are a big part of growing up. Injuries do occur from time to time and are often par for the course. However, a little preparation can make a big difference in minimizing injuries and the extent of them. Here are some suggestions:

  • Make sure the coach is aware of your child’s abilities. The coach can then tailor any specific warm up exercises or playing to your child’s needs.
  • Have your child drink plenty of water before and after playing. Water helps to make tissues elastic, preventing tearing.
  • Warm-up is key to preventing injuries. Some jogging and light stretching help to make muscles more elastic and prevent injuries before sports.
  • Control. Teach your children to stay in control during activities such as bicycling, scootering or other fast paced fun activities. The more the child can control their activity, the faster and safer they can operate.
  • The better your child’s balance, the less injuries they are prone to. Have your child practice balancing on one foot with their eyes closed.
  • Wear the right equipment. Sometimes it takes a little longer and a little more effort, but consistent wearing of protective equipment does its job to prevent injuries. Always wear helmets and protective pads when skateboarding, bicycling and other sports where severe injuries can occur.

A good saying to remember is “Proper prior preparation prevents poor performance”. A little prevention can go a long way to stopping injuries from happening and letting your children have the most fun. If your child has suffered an injury, it is important to have our skilled therapists at Pediatric Therapies evaluate them after needed urgent care. Our rehabilitation can get them back to their favorite activities safely and quickly. Call us today to learn more!