Comfortable with new textures and foods!

Our time here has been so great! Not only have they been teaching my son how to be comfortable with new textures and foods, Brittany has given me so many tools to continue working with him at home. Between the informative handouts and Brittany’s tips, tricks, and suggestions, Cohen has come so far with his aversion to textures. Working in sensory play in our day to day activities has helped him so much (even just being comfortable with new non-preferred foods at meal time). Thank you so much, Miss.Brittany!


We have seen her blossom!

When we moved here a little over a year ago Diana was hesitant to try new activities. In the course of the year she has worked with Keely, we have seen amazing improvement in her physical capabilities. However, and possibly more importantly, we have seen her blossom in her desire to try new activities, as well as her sense of independence. She constantly tells us that she can and want to do activities on her own.


Noticeable difference!

Caroline worked with Colleen on her receptive and expressive processing. When we were worried about her friendship skills, Colleen did an excellent job introducing Caroline to Superflex. We have seen a noticeable difference in her recall and processing. We are so grateful for the love, the patience, and the strategies Colleen has taught Caroline!


Responds so well!

In the 4 months that we have been seeing Ms. Keely, my husband and I have seen so much improvement in Max’s sensory, social, and emotional struggles. He can now name his emotions and the strategies for regulating them. He’s learned about zones and how best to get back to the green zone. He’s no longer hesitant with textures, like tracing letters in shaving cream! The best part is that throughout the week at home, he responds so well to the verbiage and strategies Ms. Keely has worked with him on!! We are so grateful for Ms. Keely!


So grateful!

Declan has made amazing progress in his time at Pediatric Therapies! With Tracy’s help, his pincer grasp has improved tremendously. Declan loves picking up his blocks and building towers using the pincer grasp. Declan’s eating is also coming along nicely with Allison’s guidance. He is finally trying meats! Declan’s speech amazes us every day, as his language and use of vocabulary at 18 months versus now at 2.5 years is like night and day! Thank you so much, Casey! You all are an invaluable part of Declan’s development and we are so grateful!


Very pleased!

Alex came to Pediatric Therapies unable to control his emotions, unable to focus, and had some pretty disruptive behavior problems. Since coming here, we’ve had less lying and sneaking, fewer outbursts and meltdowns, and overall more peace in our house. We’re very pleased with his improvements.


Tremendously improved!

Ian has been attending Pediatric Therapies for a little over 2.5 years and has had the privilege of working with Dana, OT, the entire time. Dana has built an amazing bond with Ian which allows her to push him to achieve goals and have him perform at his very best. Ian has made incredible strides recently in many areas. His ability to tolerate a variety of food textures in a fun play setting has dramatically increased. His flexibility, eye contact, writing skills, spelling, problem solving and patience has tremendously improved. Dana has been an awesome teacher to me, as well as offering guidance and different strategies to use in the home to help Ian perform at his maximum potential. Ian is truly blessed to have Dana as his therapist. I am excited to see what the future hold!


Such an Amazing Team!

Pediatric Therapies is a godsend! This is such an amazing team! It is very impressive at how well and how much they all collaborate to ensure the best and most effective treatment.


We are so thankful!

Miss Judy has been such a blessing to us! She specifically tailors her sessions to meet Phoebe’s sensory needs and really pushes us to meet goals that I didn’t think were possible. Phoebe is now using he/she, action words, and answering some questions. We are so thankful for Judy’s energy and encouragement!


Such a positive change!

We came to Pediatric Therapies as frustrated parents with an overly anxious and fearful child. It was very difficult to admit as a parent that I could not appropriately comfort my child. Caroline was afraid of many normal childhood activities and thunderstorms put her over the edge. She had developed several bad habits as self-soothing mechanisms for her anxiety and “melt downs” were common. We are “graduating” with a happier, calmer, more confident and independent child. She still has some anxieties, but she has learned to re-verbalize her concerns. She has also learned better coping skills and we, as parents, have learned how to better help her. Pediatric Therapies has made such a positive change for us and we are forever grateful. While we are so happy to have met our therapy goals, Ms. Hilary has been such a special part of our lives for the last year and we will miss her immensely.


So Passionate!

Hilary is always so passionate about the children she works with! She has an outstanding ability to relate to both the parents and the child. I am so thankful she is my son’s therapist and love to see how much he has grown in his time with her.


Transformed her life!

When we first brought Elizabeth to Pediatric Therapies, she wasn’t walking and had a limited vocabulary. Twelve months of physical therapy and six months of speech transformed her life and future. She is running, jumping, and speaking in complete, clear sentences!


Tremendous strides in speech!

Ian has made tremendous strides in speech since his journey began with Casey. He is such a happy little boy now that he has found his voice. Ian communicates using PECS and in the near future he will be using the iPad. Casey has worked so hard building a strong bond with Ian and it shows every session. He laughs, smiles, and has great eye contact with Casey and I am so excited to see where the journey will take us next. Thank you, Casey! We are so blessed to be working with you!


Above and Beyond Expectations!

Throughout our time here, everyone has always gone above and beyond my expectations to make sure that Hayden’s needs are met. This statement couldn’t be more true in regards to Judy. She has been my biggest advocate and resource for Hayden, and I know we couldn’t have done it without her.


It’s all about my child’s needs!

It’s hard to put into words what the clinic has meant to our family. Not only are the therapists top notch in their field, I’ve been impressed at how well they work with one another. There are no egos involved. It’s about my child and his needs. Whoever is most knowledgeable in that area is who works with my child. The progress he’s made in the short time he’s been at Pediatric Therapies is amazing. I highly recommend Pediatric Therapies to anyone who is facing the need of therapy for their child.


Life changing results!

I have two boys diagnosed with autism. We have seen tremendous changes since coming to Pediatric Therapies. Isaac has had life changing results. After therapy he now plays in the sand almost daily, he gives us big hugs and is taking gymnastics with typical peers. My youngest child also made tremendous improvements. After therapy he plays on everything at the playground, eats with a spoon and loves to draw. We are so proud of our boys and we are thankful for our wonderful therapists.


A place of caring!

Pediatric Therapies is a place where caring about children is really more than a job. My daughter’s therapists’ love and attention is forever treasured. They gave me hope on days when it seemed bleakest. Everyone was sunshine. They truly lighted our way in our darkest hour.


Jump for joy!

Joshua has made lots of strides with his motor skills. He has confidence to try things that he wouldn’t consider trying before therapy. An example of an improved skill is jumping off objects. He now proudly demonstrates new jumping skills.


We are so thankful for Pediatric Therapies!

Since Kiran has started working with his therapists we have seen huge improvements in his sensory issues. Kiran has learned so many things and has gained many tools that will assist him throughout life. Kiran is more equipped to recognize his sensory triggers before his mood is elevated. He is also more willing to try different foods, brush his teeth with a lot less resistance, will now wear socks, and many other things. We are so thankful we found Pediatric Therapies!


Tremendous improvement!

Charlie started receiving speech therapy at 2 years and 9 months for a significant phonological processing delay. At the time, his expressive language was in the 3rd percentile. After 3.5 years of therapy he has improved so tremendously, he no longer needs speech therapy. Throughout, he has loved his therapists. They understand what motivates him and what had to be done to not only help his speech, but to keep it fun. His therapists have been very warm and friendly and so easy to discuss any matter with.


Number one for pediatric therapy!

I could not be happier about my experience with Pediatric Therapies. From the day I first called until now, fifteen months later, they have helped my son develop. They have helped our family navigate a world that was once foreign to us. At five months of age my son first lifted his head off the ground at Pediatric Therapies. Now at nineteen months he is taking his first steps. I know Carol’s work with him has been crucial to his accomplishment. Pediatric Therapies is the first place I would recommend to anyone looking for pediatric physical therapy.


Very pleased with our son’s progress!

I would like to take the opportunity to express our family’s gratitude to Kristin at Pediatric Therapies for her steadfast advocacy for our child. As parents of a child, unlike many children of the same age, there are many moments where you feel alone. Kristin offers us so much comfort and relief that we are not alone. As she states, “He’s one of my babes!” She stands beside you during good and bad days always offering praise and solutions. We are very pleased with our son’s progress and thankful to have found Kristin on our journey!


Pediatric Therapies has been with us through it all!

Pediatric Therapies has been encouraging and caring, from the therapists to the staff and administrators. Everyone there has cared for us. Finding a starting point for a success story is almost impossible. Brayden and Elizabeth began seeing their therapists just a few months after being discharged from the NICU. From learning to roll over, sit up, talk, walk, use a walker, hold a block, and overcome sensory issues, our therapists have been with us the whole way. Through diagnosis, triumphs, hospitalizations, highs and lows, they have been with our family. They have taught us how to adapt, and more importantly, they have taught Brayden and Elizabeth how to overcome and conquer.

P. and L.B.

Great advice to parents!

A clinic that combines highly experienced staff with first class facilities in a very caring environment. The staff truly recognizes that each child has unique needs and through a combination of training, experience, creativity, and by welcoming parental input, they are able to provide help to children and great advice to parents. I wholeheartedly recommend this clinic.


I know I’m in the right place!

I found all of the staff at Pediatric Therapies, from the front office personnel, to the therapists, to the owner Susan Masie, herself, to be totally accessible, great to work with and thorough with their responsibilities. Their enthusiasm to help the patient is refreshing and delightful. They follow through on what they promise and you can tell their motive is to help the patient. That’s valuable and helps you know you are in the right place!


He has no problem completing his work!

I was just talking with Jack’s kindergarten teacher and she was commenting on how well Jack was doing in school and how far he has come. He is very wiggly! It’s in his nature, but he has no problems completing his work. He is always excited about coming to see Miss Gloria! His motor coordination has improved so much since we started coming in June. Our family and friends have even commented on how different and grown up Jack is now!