Caleb L.

When we first started Caleb on this journey of TEIS and coming here (to Pediatric Therapies), he wasn’t really using any words.  Nothing but a whole lot of crying if his needs weren’t met.  I remember thinking, here we go again, and hopefully it would be just as awesome of an experience as it’s been with the twins.  And sure enough, it was.  Emily came into our lives and oversaw the SLP development of this little boy in ways I couldn’t fathom, and man has it been quick.  Hearing him at home come to me and say: “Daddy, juice please” in roughly six months blows me away.  Everyday this kid does things that relate directly back to the therapy sessions.  Emily’s been so amazing with this little boy who was so terrified to go play at first, that now acts bashful on purpose just because it’s a game to him.  He waves and tells me bye like a big boy when it’s time to go back, and does it smiling.  He identifies what he wants most of the time either with words or pointing.  I have to say this, if my beloved Tennessee Volunteers could hire athletic directors and coaches at the success rate that you guys do, I’d wear orange year round!  She’s been amazing, and I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for Caleb’s development, thanks to Emily.  –S.L.